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Our Menu


DAILY 8 AM - 12 PM
Breakfast already tricky? Sorry, we’re making it trickier! Decide if you can, between healthy-all-the-way, low calorie, high energy, low carb, high protein, raw, or all of the above. And it’s so damn delicious!
We have cereals, açai, sandwiches, donuts, brownies and all kinds of pastries, plus fresh juice made on the spot.
Like to take care of yourself all day long, starting with the most important meal of the day? We've created incredibly delicious and healthy breakfasts just for you! How about the pure, natural energy of an açai bowl sprinkled with organic seasonal fruits? We'll prepare it on the spot. Or would you rather have cereal or granola with a rich, coconut yogurt that will leave you wanting more? Give us a sec and we'll whip it up!
Want your cake and eat it too? It's never too early in the day! Try our plum cake or banana bread. Brownies? Sugar-free cheesecake? Yeah, you heard it right: sugar. free. cheesecake. Great if you're counting calories. And if you're doing keto, you're not forgotten! We've got your back.
Our pastries, cakes, donuts- plain or with unexpected filings - are only, we repeat ONLY - for the sugar addicts out there. We accept you in our club. No judgment. No questions asked.
Who said sandwiches have to be the same they've always been until we die of boredom? Not us! For traditionalists we of course have the classic potato and onion tortilla. For the adventurous we've got wonderful cheeses surprisingly blended with gourmet ingredients. And sausages? Why not? Try our Majorcan sobrasada. Yum. Filled croissants? With what you ask? Sweet or salty, just name it. (If you want both, no shame. We promise we won't tell.
Nature gave us fruits and vegetables packed with nutrition, so who are we to mess with a good thing? NO ADDITIVES. Seasonally available juices made on the spot. The difficult part is making the decision. Poor you! (Ask us for suggestions because each fruit and vegetable combination offers various benefits.)
Coffee or tea?
We’ve got caffeinated for those who need their fix, decaf if that’s your thing, and 100% organic to round out the options. Is tea your bag? You name it, we’ve got it. And if we don’t, we’ll step up our game and prepare it for your next visit!

Midday Menu

Our daily menus are adapted to the sports person who needs a lot of protein in order to maintain the muscle mass, as well as the healthy or dieting people who are counting calories, raw ones, the keto freak who is watching the carbs or the classical gourmet wanting to enjoy an artesanal yet innovative meal.
* According to proximity and seasonal products menus can vary but there is an option for all of you each day.
- Vegetable Cream and its textures
- Citrus salad of couscous, roasted vegetables and smoked apples
- Vegetable cannelloni with zucchini, stuffed with mushrooms, leek, spinach, in romesco sauce
- Zuchinni raw spaguetti with pesto
- Chickpea stew
DESSERT or coffee
- Ice cream or sorbet
- Seasonal fruit salad
- Mini puff pastry filled with banana and cinnamon
- Red fruit plum cake
- Carrot cake
- Natural coconut yogurt fruit
- Sugar free fruit flavored jello
Main dish
- Lentil stew
- Meatballs in tomato sauce
- Cabbage rolls, stuffed with roasted vegetables in aromatic herbs, smoked beet sauce
- Lasagna
- Vegetable and mushroom fideuá
- Lasagna (raw vegan)

After Hours

Tired after a long day at work?
Is there anything better than finishing it with some tapas, montaditos, and a glass of cava, a craft beer or a cocktail with your colleagues? Yes, there is.
Doing it in a cozy, sophisticated place listening to soft music and being served by the coolest waiters in town.